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Moteur PT6

Even after more than 50 years, it has remained super powerful, extremely versatile and as innovative as ever! To date, more than 51,000 PT6 engines have been used to power some 130 different applications, from boat racing to Formula 1, to hovercraft, to the TurboTrain, to snow ploughs and even the anti-submarine hydrofoil. But of course it is in the air—in thousands of high-performance aircraft and helicopters—that it has achieved its greatest exploits, such as exceeding 380 million hours of flight, ten times more than its closest competitors.

Although the PT6A family of engines (“small”, “medium” and “large” categories) can be found in the aircraft of over 7,200 operators in more than 180 countries, it does not neglect the specific needs of aviation enthusiasts. For these air fanatics who build their own experimental aircraft, the lightness, small size and high reliability of the PT6 engine make it a perfect flight companion. What’s more, its extremely simple design makes the routine maintenance easier!

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The PT6: a great engine of Quebec engineering!

As you can see, the history of the PT6 is a true saga, with its hundreds of heroic engineers who have used their creativity to always keep it on top. For them, evolution means innovation. Never satisfied, they continue to push the engine’s power to the limits today, taking advantage of advanced technologies when it comes to materials (lighter and more resistant to heat and extreme cold), aerodynamics, miniaturization, not to mention the software engineering that makes design, manufacturing and maintenance more efficient and accurate.

Compared to the PT6 of 1963, today’s version is nearly four times more powerful, the power-to-weight ratio has increased by 40%, and it now has 20% better performance in terms of specific fuel consumption. And all this with an unchanged engine diameter! You could say it has it all!

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Montréal, stronghold of the aerospace industry

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To continue its long history and to keep widening the gap with its rivals, the teams at P&WC are always introducing the latest cutting-edge technologies. And it is here in the Montréal area that the future of aviation engines is rewritten every day.

“It was a labour of love. And still is. The PT6 engine is unmatched in its tradition of reliability and excellence. Now, celebrating its 50th anniversary of flight, the PT6 engine remains a powerhouse in aviation engineering.”

John Saabas, President, Pratt & Whitney Canada
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