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The CSeries aircraft: something new in the skies of Quebec!

Designed entirely in the Montréal area, the CSeries is transforming the global aviation market. It shares the runway and the skies with the bulky Boeing and Airbus, with an approach that focuses on innovation. In the category of 100- to 149-seat aircraft, it stands out in terms of its speed, its energy consumption performance, as well as its manoeuvrability, comfort and customer service. The flight experience has reached new heights. The passengers, crew and maintenance teams are in seventh heaven!

Innovation takes flight

The aircraft not only boasts a highly aerodynamic avant-garde design, but it also stands out for its revolutionary PurePowerTM PW1500G engine from Pratt & Whitney. Equipped to push engine-making boundaries, the CSeries boasts 20% fuel savings and a 15% operating cost advantage over its closest competitors. So it’s easy to understand why there is confidence in the air!

PW1500G Engine Installation – © 1997-2013, Bombardier Inc.

Design and construction

For the design and construction of the CSeries, every component and every detail of its structure was carefully analyzed and validated. From aerodynamics to the materials of its structure, from flying technology to passenger comfort, each project partner remained focused on excellence and innovation at all times.

If the intelligent system of the CSeries reduces maintenance costs by 25%, it is surely because the design and programming teams were more than intelligent! If the aircraft is four times quieter than the competition, perhaps it is because its engineers were able to make themselves heard! The fact that its spaces provide comfort unmatched in the industry is certainly because the experts in design and ergonomics who imagined them remained wide awake!

Audio simulation CSeries aircraft vs production aircraft – © 1997-2013, Bombardier Inc.

A challenge taken up by enthusiasts!

The CSeries team posing in front of the first flight test vehicle. – © 1997-2013, Bombardier Inc.

Ultimately, from creation to assembly, and including maintenance and marketing, some 12,000 people have helped to create the CSeries. And the vast majority of them are people from here. Across the greater Montréal area, each day they took the road to the Mirabel Aerospace Centre, specially established for this great adventure. These “CSeries heroes” are your friends, your neighbours and sometimes even members of your family.

That is why the CSeries reflects the cutting edge, the skill and the passion of the aerospace companies here!

Robert Dewar, Vice President and General Manager, CSeries

“With a 20% reduction in fuel consumption, the CSeries aircraft is placing Bombardier Aerospace in a good position. Indeed, the new aircraft is almost a decade ahead of industry objectives.”

Robert Dewar