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Aerospace engineer

High-flying engineering!

Without aerospace engineers, our industry would never leave the ground. If your head is full of ideas for flying machines and never-before-seen equipment, you just might hold the key for taking the aerospace industry into the future!

As an aerospace engineer, you push research to the max. You design, perfect and supervise the production of vehicles, components and systems. In addition to being an excellent communicator, very precise, this engineer has mastered math and computers like no one! He thrives on everything: calculations, materials, assemblies, maintenance, testing in simulation, on the ground and in flight. He validates all the schedules of the employees who work on the project. In short, he is essential to the development of Quebec’s aerospace industry!


To be sure, to hold a job like this, you must first spend a number of years in school to understand aerospace from A to Z . . . and beyond! As a bachelor’s degree is a minimum, holding a master’s in aerospace engineering or mechanical engineering increases your job opportunities and choice of employer (it is even required for some positions in research and development).

Like all engineering careers, being a member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec is often required, as is a good knowledge of English.

Yes, that’s a lot of requirements and work before you reach your destination, but rest assured that your efforts will be greatly rewarded by the perks of this position (challenges, compensation and more)!

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