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Aircraft avionics technician or aircraft maintenance engineer (avionics)

Your future is on the radar!

As of today, how much time have you spent in front the screen flying virtual airplanes, helicopters or other means of transport? Now imagine making it your career! With real aircraft avionics, instruments and electrical devices to install, configure and repair! This is what aircraft instrument, electrical and avionics mechanics, technicians and inspectors do on a daily basis. In avionics, you are also responsible for communication, navigation and autopilot equipment.

As an avionics aircraft maintenance engineer, you must certify that all work performed meets the performance and safety standards of Transport Canada and the company.


If you want to become an aircraft instruments mechanic or technician, you must obtain a college diploma in avionics or electronics. To become an aircraft electrical mechanic or technician, a college diploma in electrical and electronic equipment technology is required. Also, you will receive training particular to these trades in the workplace.

For avionics aircraft maintenance engineer , college training in avionics or electronics and three to five years of experience as an aircraft mechanic or technician are required.

For both jobs, in addition to a high school diploma, a college diploma in aircraft maintenance or a four-year apprenticeship program is usually required. Once you’re on the job, the companies in our industry will provide you with ongoing training and support to obtain your aircraft maintenance engineer license from Transport Canada. And to become an avionics Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME), several years of experience as a mechanic are required.

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