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Aircraft mechanic or aircraft maintenance engineer (maintenance)

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You can become a mechanic and work in a variety of fields, but you’ve got to admit that manufacturing or performing maintenance on a plane or helicopter is pretty cool! As an aircraft mechanic, you work on all an aircraft’s structures, mechanical systems and hydraulic systems (such as disassembling an engine for repair and reassembly), whereas as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (maintenance), you then inspect the work done in manufacturing, modification, maintenance, repair or overhaul. As an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (maintenance), you must also keep detailed reports on aircraft repair, inspection and certification, which is essential to ensure a seamless safety process.


For both jobs, in addition to a high school diploma, a college diploma in aircraft maintenance or a four-year apprenticeship program is usually required. Once you’re on the job, the companies in our industry will provide you with ongoing training and support to obtain your Aircraft Maintenance Engineer license from Transport Canada. And to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME), several years of experience as a mechanic are required.

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