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Great careers are coming out of the woodwork!

Jean-François Lalonde – Crédit Bombardier Aéronautique

You might be wondering what a woodworker could possibly do in the aerospace industry…

You should know that in many aircraft, especially private jets, wood components are highly sought after. These parts also requite good dexterity and knowledge of rare woods! Woodworkers manufacture and repair pieces of furniture, fixtures, trim and fittings. You’ve got to know how to read plans and specifications and how to draw well. Woodworkers obviously use different machines for cutting and sanding, often precision tools. Then, they must properly apply the finish.

Jean-François Lalonde, a woodworker at Bombardier Aerospace, says: “At Bombardier, we do modern woodworking. You may have 20 years of experience in woodworking, but when you come here, you still have a lot to learn. The materials are different. Me, I’ve been here for almost six years, and I’m still learning today… You’ve got to be very careful, passionate and resourceful. We manufacture luxury furniture, so we have no choice but to do perfect work.”


To become a woodworker in aerospace, a high school diploma is usually required. To be eligible for a certificate of competence, a four-year apprenticeship program in woodworking or more than four years of experience with specialized training is usually required.

Check out the path that led Jean-François Lalonde to Bombardier Aerospace: “I got a vocational diploma at the École des métiers du meuble, because I found this trade to be quite interesting, with a bright future. I worked as a woodworker for eight years with other companies. One morning, I decided to send my application out online to some big companies, including Bombardier, not knowing at all if they were looking for woodworkers. I also have computer skills. I was surprised to get hired, because I never thought that woodworkers could work in aeronautics!”

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