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Industrial engineering and manufacturing technologist

High-tech careers!

When it comes to plants that manufacture aircraft, components and simulators, engineers and machinists, technologists and technicians in industrial engineering and manufacturing engineering are vital. They provide support and technical services to develop procedures and install production systems.

Technologists also design the layout of plants and production installations, work on health and safety programs and help develop control applications for robots, computer numerical control machines and more.

Technicians, in turn, are involved in collecting and compiling operational data that will be used in almost all spheres of a plant’s activity (efficiency, quality control, manufacturing procedures, health and safety, cost and schedule tracking, etc.).


To hold one of these jobs, you must obtain a college diploma in industrial engineering technology, mechanical engineering technology or a related discipline. Employers may also require an Attestation of Collegial Studies in industrial engineering, manufacturing production technology or mechanical engineering. Depending on the sector you’ll be working in, specific training and accreditations may also be required.

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