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Tool and die maker

A career that’s the perfect fit!

The aerospace industry is constantly innovating, creating new forms and using new alloys. In this context, it’s normal for many components to be custom designed and made to measure! And this is the role of tool and die makers, metal patternmakers and mould makers (metal mould designers): to manufacture, repair or modify tools and different machined moulds/templates, according to precise dimensions, using various metals, alloys and plastics.

As a tool and die maker, you must be able to understand drawings and technical data sheets, prepare templates and sketches, choose the methods of execution, calculate everything for manufacturing, and operate various numerical control machines to manufacture and check unique components. As a metal patternmaker and metal mould maker, you must use equipment, adjust and assemble moulds or other parts in order to produce exact models. You must also produce moulds and occasionally program computer numerical control machine tools.


To embark on any of these careers, a high school diploma is usually required. In addition, different specific types of training are necessary. For tool and die makers, an apprenticeship program (4 to 5 years) or more than five years of experience in the trade, as well as specialized training as a tool and die maker, are usually required. Patternmakers and mould makers must usually have completed a four-year apprenticeship program or a college program in their field.

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