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Aircraft piloting

This training allows you to obtain a license as a multi-engine pilot, a helicopter pilot, or even a bush pilot.


This program trains you to plan, direct or perform installations, preventive maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of the electrical, electronic and digital systems (conventional and automated) found on all aircraft, particularly for navigation and communications.

Aerospace Engineering Technology

This program allows you to master the computer-aided design and manufacture (CAD-CAM) of aircraft parts, to plan the stages of manufacturing, assembly and quality control for aircraft and thrusters.

Mechanical Engineering Technology

In mechanical engineering, you develop a wide range of skills, including drawing with AutoCAD and 3-D design using Catia software. You also get to explore how computer-controlled (CNC) machines and robots operate, using cutting-edge software like Automation Studio and Mastercam.

Aircraft Maintenance Technology

Through this program, you will learn to maintain aircraft airworthiness. Note that you must demonstrate a sufficient English language proficiency required for admission.

Careers in aircraft maintenance include aircraft maintenance technician, aircraft component repair technician, test bench technician and inspector.