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CAREERS Great careers are coming out of the woodwork! Jean-François Lalonde – Crédit Bombardier Aéronautique You might be wondering what a woodworker could possibly do in the aerospace industry… You should know that in many aircraft, especially private jets, wood components are highly sought after. These parts also requite good dexterity and knowledge of rare […]

Machinists and machining and tooling inspectors

CAREERS A career that measures up! If you’ve ever assembled a toy plane with dozens of small parts, just imagine how many parts–and what size–it takes to assemble an airliner! There is no routine to the day-to-day of machinists and machining and tooling inspectors in aerospace. These workers, essential to the proper functioning, reliability and […]

Aircraft avionics technician or aircraft maintenance engineer (avionics)

CAREERS Your future is on the radar! As of today, how much time have you spent in front the screen flying virtual airplanes, helicopters or other means of transport? Now imagine making it your career! With real aircraft avionics, instruments and electrical devices to install, configure and repair! This is what aircraft instrument, electrical and […]

Implementation of composite materials

CAREERS A career with the all the makings of success! Composite materials technicians are involved in carrying out technical assignments, research and development, and designing moulds, latching devices and injection systems. They help to develop and optimize implementation processes and other interventions related to creating unique parts. 
They must restore complex structures made of composite […]

Aircraft assemblers and aircraft assembly inspectors

CAREERS Building a bright future! From an early age, was making paper airplanes and putting together model cars and homes your idea of fun? Well, you’ll get to play for a lifetime if you become an aircraft assembler! Spending your life following technical drawings to assemble, fit and install parts to build aircrafts and components […]

Cable and circuit assembler

CAREERS A career to get you wired up! If you become a cable assembler for the aerospace industry, your duties will include assembly and installation of the aircraft’s cables and electric circuits, assembly of printed circuit boards, and connection of electrical or electronic components on board the aircraft. You will also assemble and install aircraft […]

Tool and die maker

CAREERS A career that’s the perfect fit! The aerospace industry is constantly innovating, creating new forms and using new alloys. In this context, it’s normal for many components to be custom designed and made to measure! And this is the role of tool and die makers, metal patternmakers and mould makers (metal mould designers): to […]


CAREERS A colourful career! Tamiko Blais – Credits Bombardier Aerospace You’ve probably already painted a miniature model plane with a small precision brush, haven’t you? Painters and coaters in aerospace as masters at handling brushes and spray guns to apply paint, enamel, lacquer or other coatings. They are responsible for mixing paint, making sure to […]


CAREERS A comfortable future! CFP des Moulins students In any form of transportation, from cars to airplanes, the longer the trip the more important passenger and pilot comfort becomes. Upholsterers play a critical role in this regard. To maximize our travel pleasure, these experts in fabrics and other covering materials work on aircraft seats, curtains, […]

Sheet metal workers or gas turbine repair specialist

CAREERS Full speed ahead, toward a bright future! Have you always been fascinated by images of welders assembling metal parts while sparks fly in front of them? Are you good with hands and enjoy drawing? Then a career as a sheet metal worker in aerospace may interest you! Sheet metal workers create and trace patterns […]