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Aircraft mechanic or aircraft maintenance engineer (maintenance)

CAREERS Kick your future into high gear! You can become a mechanic and work in a variety of fields, but you’ve got to admit that manufacturing or performing maintenance on a plane or helicopter is pretty cool! As an aircraft mechanic, you work on all an aircraft’s structures, mechanical systems and hydraulic systems (such as […]

Aircraft avionics technician or aircraft maintenance engineer (avionics)

CAREERS Your future is on the radar! As of today, how much time have you spent in front the screen flying virtual airplanes, helicopters or other means of transport? Now imagine making it your career! With real aircraft avionics, instruments and electrical devices to install, configure and repair! This is what aircraft instrument, electrical and […]

Technical writer

Métiers Nothing but good words for the aerospace industry! If you love languages and science, have good writing skills and devour books as fast as a tub of ice cream, you could work in the aerospace industry as a technical writer. You’ll have to analyze different documents (specifications, technical notes and drawings) and draft manuals, […]

Composite materials technician

CAREERS Your future career is shaping up well! Charlotte Simard – FDC Aéro Composites – Groupe BT2i If it doesn’t exist, you’ll just have to create it! That’s how designers of parts made of composite materials think. They make moulds made from composite materials for custom manufacture of parts, assemble metal parts, laminate materials such […]

Methods officer and mechanical engineering

CAREERS Get your future into gear! Are you interest in mechanics, but more for the practical and physical aspects of it? Do you prefer actually doing things rather than just imaging them and calculating them? You should consider becoming a mechanical engineering technologists or technician, or even a methods officer! You would work to provide […]

Industrial engineering and manufacturing technologist

CAREERS High-tech careers! When it comes to plants that manufacture aircraft, components and simulators, engineers and machinists, technologists and technicians in industrial engineering and manufacturing engineering are vital. They provide support and technical services to develop procedures and install production systems. Technologists also design the layout of plants and production installations, work on health and […]