It all starts with a passion

Have you always been awed by airplanes flying overhead? Are you the type who assembled a gift toy aircraft on the same night as your birthday? If so, a career in aerospace will allow you to combine pleasure with work!

Aerospace : a career, a passion


It’s time to get on the runway

Are you dreaming of a high-flying future that can take off quickly and smoothly? Here’s the perfect educational path to help you reach your destination!

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Choose the right destination

Choosing the right vocation for the future is an important step in our lives! Now is the time to take on new challenges, to roll up your shirtsleeves and achieve your dreams. Don’t hesitate to use the virtual advisor to find out what vocation is best for you!

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And dare to fly high

The Québec aerospace industry is recognized as a world leader. Our companies are constantly innovating and growing, and our workers are among the best. To meet some of them, get on board here!