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There are many paths leading to a career in aerospace. Although the destination is the same, you might be surprised how many different ways there are of getting there. Choose the path that’s right for you!

Secondary training - vocational (DEP, ASP, AFP and AEP)

Vocational training centres offer programs that lead young people and adults directly to the labour market. These students have the advantage of obtaining a diploma leading to a vocation without having to enrol in a general education program. These programs result in diplomas of vocational studies (DEP) and attestations of vocational specialization (ASP). It is also possible to obtain certificates of professional training (AFP) and certificates of skills training (AEP). However, to access these students must be referred by their counsellor at Emploi-Québec.


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Short college training (AEC, DEC)

Educational institutions at the college level offer programs for students which enable them to work as technicians on the labour market or continue their studies at the university level. These programs consist of general and/or technical training. The qualifications obtained are college diplomas (DEC) and certificates of collegial studies (AEC).

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University training

Universities are institutions of higher education offering a multitude of programs that enable students to obtain the necessary knowledge (basic, technical and on-the-job) to enter the labour market. Students can earn certificates, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees.

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