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Embarking on your future!

Creating a new airplane takes thousands of hours of design work, manufacturing and testing. There’s never a dull moment! The challenges are many, never-ending, and fascinating.

By the way, what is aerospace?

Discover everything this term encompasses and learns more about the Quebec industry.

Aerospace: a career, a passion

Proud and passionate, the people who work in aerospace are carried away by their profession. Come along with them in their world!


We set great store by our values

To work in the aerospace industry, it’s best for your values to be aligned with the industry’s. If you are adaptable, meticulous and thorough, you’re on the right track . . .

Landmark achievements!

Many passionate people here are taking action to carry out projects on such a scale that they remain etched in history.

Discover some of the great achievements of Quebec’s aerospace industry.