Values - AéroPortail

The values of success!

Without a doubt, our aerospace industry’s excellent reputation comes from the core values shared by all companies in our sector. From a sense of ethics to versatility, from honesty to the observance of strict standards, you’ll see why our workers are first-class individuals!


True leaders know how to inspire and guide the people around them, of course, but above all, they are distinguished by their ability to listen and their openness to others’ ideas. If you have always been a true team player, a person who is well liked and inspires confidence, you’ll be in your element in aeronautics! A plane or a helicopter is the result of the work of many people, to be sure. This pooling of ideas and energy around a unifying project is business as usual for our field


In business, in the heat of the action, sometimes events pile up and schedules get crowded. If you see the unexpected as a challenge instead of an obstacle, then change motivates you rather than destabilizing you. Are you the passionate kind? The kind of person who works hard at a task until it’s perfect? No matter how much time and effort it takes? Well, then, in aeronautics you’ll find people every bit as dedicated as you are!

Thoroughness and Rigour

When working on aircraft or helicopter components where the safety and even the lives of passengers are at stake, there is no room for error! If you are enthusiastic and always alert and focused, you have some of the essential qualities for aeronautics. If your favourite childhood toys were model kits or puzzles with thousands of pieces . . . get ready for fun your whole adult life!

Pride and Passion

When you’re given a mission, you take it to heart! You possess the 3P’s: Perfectly reliable, proud and passionate! There isn’t an aeronautics firm in Quebec that doesn’t run on a sense of responsibility. Every day, they cultivate their employees’ pride in their achievements. If, in addition, you know how to communicate this passion and spread it to others by asking the right questions, taking interest in what others are doing and being curious about innovation . . . you are definitely the rare gem that our industry needs!


When you work in aeronautics, you may be called upon to travel regularly. Well . . . considering the field, anything less would have been a surprise! But knowing that our companies are recognized internationally and export worldwide, employees regularly travel the globe to work on projects, perform product maintenance or even train customers. So, if you’re an on-the-go type who loves to discover new cultures, make sure you always have your passport handy!

Professional Ethics and Integrity

If your friends say about you, “He’s Mr. Reliable! You can always count on him!” or “She’d never tell a secret, even if you tried torturing her! You wouldn’t find out anything!” you most likely have an above-average sense of ethics. In aeronautics, a company’s reputation is priceless. That’s why its employees must always be honest, respectful, transparent and careful with anything that could damage their employer’s image. They are ambassadors for their brand and their entire industry!

Flexibility and Versatility

Aeronautics is certainly one of the most innovative sectors. It runs on evolution: faster, lighter, stronger, cleaner . . . there’s always room for improvement! As everything changes constantly—both materials and components, standards and methods—it’s obvious that the professions and the know-how must follow suit or set the pace. If you are bored with routines and want to see and try it all, you will be so happy in aeronautics! Does your curiosity know no limits? Perfect! In our field, education never stops, and the possibilities to move up or reinvent yourself are endless.

Observance of Rules and Regulations

In aeronautics, safety is paramount. That means safety for passengers and employees alike. As you can well imagine, an aircraft assembly workshop, a reactor testing lab or even a flight test area are no places to lay down on the job! There is a lot of action and movement of products and dangerous equipment. So, to prevent accidents, the rules and regulations to be observed are numerous and very strict. If you have a strong personality without being reckless, with eyes in the back of your head and prevention reflexes in your DNA, you will be a team member to inspire confidence in our workplaces.