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Computer engineer

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As you know, computers are everywhere nowadays, and this will only be truer in the future! Our planet is getting smaller as people and organizations become interconnected by increasingly more powerful computer networks that move data more and more quickly. Even you, with friends across the globe–you’ve probably already piloted a virtual plane on the Web. Now imagine the playing field of a computer engineer in aerospace! With research moving forward at full speed, computer engineers, plan, design and manage the integration of computers, related hardware and IT networks of all kinds, (extended, fibre optic, wireless, Internet, etc.). Since you were probably born knowing how a Playstation works before you learned to skate, IT work may be second nature to you!

Computer engineers, especially in aerospace, have a bright future to look forward to! Investments and innovations in IT in our industry are happening at a dizzying pace. In order to keep growing, we need visionaries, people who are already imaging what the future of a connected aerospace industry will be.


To become a computer engineer, several educational paths are possible, but you must inevitably obtain a bachelor’s degree (in computer, electrical or electronics engineering or in physics) and membership in the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec. A master’s or doctorate in an engineering-related discipline may sometimes be required. Mastery of technical aspects, programming languages, operating systems and specialized software is required before letting an engineer helm an IT project in aerospace.

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