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Electrical/electronics engineer

An electrifying opportunity!

Just by looking at an aircraft dashboard or even a control tower, you can see how crucial electronics and electrical components are in the aerospace industry. To develop control systems, communication systems and all equipment on board, not to mention the powering of engines and other functions, you could say that the know-how of electrical and electronics engineers has something to do with it!

These masters of electrical current are leading the way in research to continually improve the equipment and, above all, to ensure its reliability. From the design of drawings and specifications, they play a central role in innovation, equipment installation, power supply and maintenance. You could say that, on a project, they have a lot of power!


Like all engineering positions, a bachelor’s degree in electrical or electronics engineering or a related discipline is a minimum. A master’s or doctorate in a related discipline is more than useful for accessing higher positions, not to mention membership in a recognized professional association. That’s why these engineers spend a lot of time studying every detail and possibility of electricity and electronics, to give our entire industry an big energy boost!

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