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Industrial/manufacturing engineer

A career for industrious minds!

An aircraft, helicopter, engine or simulator manufacturing plant is like a city within a city! It is vast and full of people. We can find hundreds, sometimes even thousands of men and women from all backgrounds, each with a particular role to play in this micro-society. And we can count on industrial and manufacturing engineers to optimize the performance of this structure. They determine how all the equipment, human resources, technologies, resources and materials are organized and managed to maximize efficiency and productivity. Imagine playing SimCity . . . but for real!


To become an industrial or manufacturing engineer–the one who plans and coordinates every last square centimetre of a factory–a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering (or a related discipline) is a minimum. Beyond that, a master’s or a doctorate are a big, big plus! Also, to approve drawings and technical reports, and to work in this profession in Quebec, you must be a member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (that means working for three or four years under an engineer’s supervision and passing the professional ethics exam before becoming a member). Much like a professional athlete trains intensely, it takes many several years of study in engineering to be among the best in the field and hold the highest positions!

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