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I have a feeling you’re not the only one who has viewed this page! Along with “hockey player”, most of us had childhood dreams of becoming an airplane or helicopter pilot when we grew up. And for many young people each year, this dream becomes a reality! You know, of course, what an airplane and helicopter pilot does, but did you know that the flight engineer (second officer) is also on board with the pilot to monitor and control the operation of the unit during flight? He can also assist the pilot.

There are also flight instructors who teach student pilots the procedures and rules of flight. They give both theoretical courses (on air navigation, the procedures and rules of radio communications, and air traffic regulations) and practical courses.


Whether you want to become a pilot, a flight engineer or a flight instructor, you’ll need a high school diploma, a diploma from an accredited flying or aviation school, and a pilot license. Additional licenses are required depending on the type of aircraft, and sometimes a university degree or college diploma may be required. Obviously, depending on the type of aircraft and the company, customized training is offered by employers.

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