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Industrial/manufacturing engineer

CAREERS A career for industrious minds! An aircraft, helicopter, engine or simulator manufacturing plant is like a city within a city! It is vast and full of people. We can find hundreds, sometimes even thousands of men and women from all backgrounds, each with a particular role to play in this micro-society. And we can […]

Materials engineer

CAREERS A career with substance! Being lighter than air with aircraft made of metal, thick glass, strong plastic and other materials is already a feat! So just imagine the challenges our metallurgical and materials engineers face on a daily basis . . . They study the properties and characteristics of materials and then come up […]

Electrical/electronics engineer

CAREERS An electrifying opportunity! Just by looking at an aircraft dashboard or even a control tower, you can see how crucial electronics and electrical components are in the aerospace industry. To develop control systems, communication systems and all equipment on board, not to mention the powering of engines and other functions, you could say that […]

Aerospace engineer

CAREERS High-flying engineering! Without aerospace engineers, our industry would never leave the ground. If your head is full of ideas for flying machines and never-before-seen equipment, you just might hold the key for taking the aerospace industry into the future! As an aerospace engineer, you push research to the max. You design, perfect and supervise […]

Computer engineer

CAREERS The aerospace network As you know, computers are everywhere nowadays, and this will only be truer in the future! Our planet is getting smaller as people and organizations become interconnected by increasingly more powerful computer networks that move data more and more quickly. Even you, with friends across the globe–you’ve probably already piloted a […]

Mechanical engineer

CAREERS A real machine! You have a good idea of a day in the life of a mechanic . . . But a mechanical engineer, do you also picture him with his hands and jumpsuit black with grease? It does happen sometimes! But more often, you’ll find him in front of a computer, at his […]

Software engineer or computer programmer

CAREERS Get with the program! It’s not hard to imagine the importance of IT in the aerospace industry, especially when it comes to software development. Whether it’s in the aircraft, the control towers, or even simulators and numeric control machines that manufacture components: software is everywhere, and it’s constantly changing! Software engineers and computer programmers […]